Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally
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August 3-6 2017

Last Year's Welcome Note -- July 28, 2016

Dear Rallyists, volunteers and all our friends:

We want to welcome each of you to the 28th annual Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Motor Rally! What an event, the oldest vintage rally in the United States.

Thirty years ago the Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon had just finished hosting our first of three national Alfa Romeo Owners Club conventions. The next summer this event idea was hatched by a couple of characters sitting on the east bank of Portland International Raceway during the Rose Cup Races. Bob Hui, our current Rally Master, was talking with me and he had this crazy idea. He took me to meet Dale Lafollette, the PIR manager, who had come back from the Mille Migia in Italy that year and had a great time. We talked with Dale and got Dick Larsen involved to help. Dale floated the idea with Monte Shelton as sponsor and away the event went on its course to what it is today. We were cautious to call it the 1st Annual but we took a chance!

The first event went well with Russ Kraushaar and Katy Wood being the first Rally Masters. Then we started the event all over again and again and so on. Along came Jim Gunter on year two to help. Jim went on to take over my spot of Co-Chairman and Chairman at the end of ten years I stepped down. Jim worked for nine years as the “I’ll take care of that” position. He became chairman for the next ten years. Reid Trummel took over the event and ran it for seven years. Bob Hui has been our Rally Master five times and is back again this year.

A change in direction this last year brought back Jim Gunter as chairman, Bob Hui as Rally Master and a bunch of people who started the event 28 years ago. Dick Larsen and Dave Beach also returned to help organize. Monte Shelton has always supported the event as the named sponsor and provided a wonderful facility to host the kick off festivities.

This event would not be what is today without all the volunteers, the organizers, and the Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon who put this event together each year. Many of us spend a full year working on the details and have spend our time and our money to make the operation happen. To each of you a great big THANK YOU!

We have been honored to be partner with the March of Dimes and have been able to donate over $120,000 to this great organization.

Welcome and thank you for coming to the 28th Annual Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally!

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Mark Carpenter

Competition Chairman, Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon